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Gaining the Upper Hand With Hackers: Innovation In Cybersecurity

  • Atlanta Tech Village 3423 Piedmont Road Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30305 United States (map)


In March of this year, Jackson County, a rural area of Georgia located about 60 miles from Atlanta, paid $400,000 to regain access to systems and data locked down in a recent ransomware campaign. This is just one example of the type of attacks happening in our own state. Yet despite the adoption of new and innovative technologies for protecting data, hackers’ techniques keep evolving and adapting. From banks to education government networks, no one seems safe from attack these days.

Join the Wireless Technology Forum on April 18th as we explore answers to these questions:

  • What are the latest cybersecurity trends? What new methods of protection are on the horizon?

  • How is security built into IoT offerings, whilst balancing ease of use?

  • How is blockchain impacting security? Will this be the silver bullet that saves us all?

  • Are analytics and AI helping us detect threats faster?

  • How are companies protecting our data? What tools are they deploying and how are companies evolving to account for security being a KPI that companies are score carded on?

  • What areas in security are attracting investment? Have recent investments delivered on their promises?

  • What are simple things that consumers should do to help improve security, individually and collectively?

Featured Speakers:

Donna Gallaher, President & CEO, New Oceans Enterprises

Patrick Taylor, Entrepreneur in Residence, TechOperators

Tye Hayes, CTO, City of Atlanta

Alok Kumar, CISO Retail, NCR

Peter Allor, Chief Product Security Officer, Honeywell