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The mission of Women in Wireless is to connect, inspire, and empower women thought leaders in the wireless industry. This includes all innovative technology fields such as, but not limited to IoT, Mobile, AR/VR, Smart Cities, CyberSecurity, Healthcare, FinTech, Retail Tech, Big Data, Wearables, Video and Digital Media.


Women creating a new generation of Female Technology Thought Leaders.

June 30, 2018 - We partnered with GSMA to teach 23 middle school girls to build and code their own Kano Computers. Each student built a Kano computer (to take home) and coded one art project to present to peers and parents.

Code of Conduct for Women in Wireless

  1. Women empowering women. No sabotaging. No backstabbing. No drama.

  2. We are an inclusive organization, and accept all women that are fabulous regardless of age, race, or lifestyle.

  3. All ideas proposed will be assigned to the original proposer to lead and execute the idea.

  4. Women are welcome at all events, and men can attend if they are a guest of a female member.

  5. All members must actively participate in our events.

  6. No harassment, physical, emotional, or otherwise.

  7. We place the integrity of professional competence above our own interests.

  8. We act with integrity, competence, and respect.

  9. We collaborate and share relationships, ideas and knowledge beyond boundaries.

  10. We seek and integrate a diverse range of perspectives, people and ideas.